Friday, March 31, 2006

Introducing the MGCplus FAN corner

Hi all,
i have to do a lot of things with the amplifier system MGCplus from HBM (Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik). I've created this blog in order to post my experiences into the world. I hope, i get many informations from the rest of world. Sharing experiences, building up communities, getting contact to people who have to work also with that powerful DAQ system.

I know, there are so many functions in that system i haven't tried yet. I am not a expert in DAQ, but i can do my basic works quite well.

May be, this Blog will be successful.

Best Regards
Your MGCmaster :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi, it's good to have such a BLOG, nowhere else is a newsgroup about that system, which is used quite often in several applications

Patrick said...

Hello, i am searching for MGCplus on Google. On Mathworks central file exchange i've found some files for MGCplus (also for catman, the HBM DAQ software). Has anyone made experiences with these things?

Hareendara Lakshan Rangana Perera said...

I'm a Programmer .Our company brought MGCplus AB22A/AB32 from HBM.We are tring to connect MGCplus to program.So can you say how I connect MGC and read the resistance using MGC?

MGCmaster said...

If you want to use Visual Basic to communicate with MGCplus, you have to two possibilities:

1): Using e.g. a WinSocket or a serial port and send terminal commands. Herefore, you must know these commands.
Have a look at the HBM homepage ( There you'll find a description of these commands.

But it is not easy !!

2): You can use the catman activeX interface, which can be used for visual basic or other programming development systems.
catman activeX is not free of charge and you must also learn a little bit.