Tuesday, December 05, 2006

MatLab: Example for Online Data Acquisition with catman

In the MathWorks Central File Exchange you can find an example, which shows how to acquire data with MatLab from MGCplus, Spider8 or any other measurement device, which is supported by catman.
The main part of acquiring data is the catman activeX interface (with that you can even get measurement data directly into excel...)

In order to play with the example:
If you do not have a MGCplus or Spider8, Buy one !
You also need the catman activeX Software...
... and for sure MatLab.

The zipped file contains two MATLAB M-files, which show how to access catman activeX functionality. Create and open IO definitions, initializing and starting DAQ, writing values to catman database, accessing the values from matlab. Additionaly, the complete description of catman activeX is contained.

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